Our portfolios

RiskTailors portfolios are constructed with financial advisers in mind. Our investment products directly integrate market and macroeconomic risks allowing for a closer alignment of risk appetite and goals as laid down in IFA’s mandates. Our aim is to provide advisors with superior value and insights for their clients’ investment process.

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Our difference

Our model portfolios give exclusive access to Fathom Consulting’s expert knowledge, independent insights and industry-leading tools. Our products have been specifically designed to be resilient to a range of market outcomes and provide more stable risk-adjusted outcomes for your clients.

Our investment philosophy

Who we are

RiskTailors originates from a partnership between Fathom Consulting, Eleo Capital and Kevin Ronaldson.

Fathom Financial Consulting is a leading global consultancy positioned in the intersection of the macroeconomy, geopolitics and financial markets. Since 2003, Fathom has provided independent advice and analysis to some of the largest and most prominent global financial institutions. Through RiskTailors portfolios, IFAs and their clients now have exclusive access to Fathom’s expertise, insights, and analytical tools.

Eleo Capital was the precursor to RiskTailors and currently acts as a regulated appointed representative of RiskTailors to provide financial advice to private clients and capital structure and ratings advisory services to corporates.

Kevin Ronaldson has spent more than forty years in the financial services sector. He was a co-founder of Intrinsic financial services and Bellpenny. More recently he co-founded Clarus Fortior, a consulting firm.