Our portfolios leverage a unique investment process which simultaneously optimises market and macro risks. Our portfolios seek to deploy the right risk for the right market conditions as they evolve. RiskTailors’ approach allows advisors to more closely align portfolios to their clients mandates and risk profiles.

Macro risks

Just like special occasions call for distinctive outfits, RiskTailors portfolios are built to fit distinct macroeconomic and market risks. Placing macroeconomic risks front and centre of the strategic asset allocation process is a unique feature of our portfolios, with demonstrable benefits in terms of investment outcomes. See the paper from Fathom Consulting, ‘Macro FROGcasting and portfolio construction’ for a more detailed explanation.

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Macro FROGcasting and portfolio construction

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Market risks

Benefiting from an expert hand tailoring portfolios to your needs. With decades of market experience, our product range provides access to portfolio construction techniques traditionally available only through large investment managers at a much greater cost. We believe independent advisors should not have to choose between low-cost or high-quality investment products for their clients. RiskTailors’ focus on optimising risks in what we believe are the most competitively priced portfolios of this quality currently available. Read more

Client risks

One size does not fit all. Unlike many off-the-shelf solutions, RiskTailors portfolios do not rely solely on market volatility to quantify risk. In addition to incorporating macroeconomic and market risks, we also deploy Nobel prize-winning academic research to more closely fit the right investment objective to clients’ preferences over greater diversification, lower probabilities of extreme losses or steadier returns.