With a background in macroeconomic consulting, investment banking and wealth management we are uniquely placed to understand the needs of both IFAs and their clients. We recognise that some clients want to understand the construction of and movements in their portfolios through value-added conversations with their advisers. This is what differentiates RiskTailors from other model portfolio providers.

We give advisors and their clients access to regular macroeconomic insights trusted by some of the most influential financial institutions and governments around the world.

We deliver forward-looking updates about what is driving our investment decisions, not just a sterile narrative about what has already happened.

We provide a quarterly review of the rationale underpinning our portfolio changes at both the strategic asset allocation and asset selection level.

We offer an intuitive proprietary questionnaire to assess if there has been a change in a client’s preferences. This provides a further opportunity for the advisor to stay in touch with his client and gain a deeper understanding of his needs.